.INFO and .BIZ
At the end of 2001, the new Internet suffixes .INFO and .BIZ were launched. 

Anybody can register a domain name under .INFO and/or .BIZ: both individuals and companies can register an unlimited number of domain names. This is one of the main reasons of the success and popularity of these Top Level Domains 

.aero FAQ

What is .aero? 

.aero is one of the latest newcomers in the Internet Domain Name space; it is the domain of aviation, exclusively reserved for the aviation community. Stringent registration policies and procedures ensure that .aero registrants are bona fide members of the aviation community.Tuonome.it is one the first.aero accredited registrars by SITA


One of the main assets of .AERO, as a sponsored domain, is the principle of predictability.  Registration and use of the domain name must comply with the set policies, which is transparant for end-users and systems.  For instance : two character domain names can be registered only by airline-code holders, and names corresponding to flight numbers can be only used to provide information about the flight.
That is why SITA, the competent Registry for .AERO domain names, pre-registered all two character airline codes, all location codes allocated to municipal areas and airports, and all three letter airlines codes, if IATA airlines.  Simply type www.name.aero to see if a name was

If you are the code-holder of a pre-registered domain name (typically an airport or airline), you can request reassignment of the relevant domain name through Tuonome
.it.  Please do not hesitate to contact our .AERO Staff at staff@tuonomegroup.com : we will be happy to assist you in this process.

Who is eligible to register under .aero? 

if you are part of one of the following aviation community members, you are eligible to purchase domain names. 

  • Aerial works
  • Aerospace
  • Air freight & logistics companies
  • Air navigation services providers
  • Air safety. medical and certification
  • Air sports
  • Airlines and aircraft operators
  • Airports
  • Aviation distributions systems
  • Aviation education and research
  • Aviation industry associations
  • Aviation media
  • Aviation professionals
  • Aviation suppliers & service providers
  • Business Aircraft Operators
  • Civil aviation authorities
  • Government organizations linked to aviation
  • Pilots
  • Recreational aviation

 4 Domain Name Types: ALLOCATION RULES


Applicable domain type

Registrant Group

Industry code

Allocated sub Domain 

special industry nameSLD

unregul. name on SLD

Airlines and commercial opertors

Business Aircraft operators


Aviation industry associations


Civil aviation authorities




Air freight & logistics companies


Air navigation services providers


Air safety, medical & certification


Aviation distribution systems 


Aviation education and research 


Aviation media


Government org. linked to aviation   


Aerial works


Air sports


Aviation professionals




Aviation suppliers & serv. providers


Recreational Aviation




NOTE appendix :





[1] = e.g. IATA2characteraairlinesdesignator.aero
[2] = e.g. pilot.aero becomes lindbergh.pilot.aero
See the second check domain-form on our homepage (the one at the bottom)
[3] = e.g. advertisement.aero
Not available for "first-come, first-served" allocation
[4] = e.g. anyname.aero
You can register any name in this format. licensed on a "first-come, first-served" basis.
How much does it cost to register my .aero?

The annual registration fee is of 80 euro + VAT*. Please remember that the registration term of 2 years (24 months) is. Therefor: 80 euro x 2 years = 160 euro + VAT*. The total registration fee is of 160 euro + VAT*. 
Included are :

  • Fees to be paid to the competent Registry
  • Registration and Maintainance fees (24 months)
  • Registrant authentication and elegibility testing requirements
  • Free: Change of DNS-settings
  • Free: Courtesy Page, create your one-page free web site. Easy to bild. template driven.
  • Free: pointing towards a static IP-number
  • Redirect Free: URL-forwarding to already existing web site + 1 (limited) e-mail forwarding our HTML check-domain form will be included
What is an Aviation Community Membership ID  and how can I obtain one?

In order to purchase .aero domain names, you should provide us with a membership ID and password, assigned by SITA, to prove you are member of the aviation community.
SITA, the .aero Registry, is the leading provider of IT and telecommunications solutions to the aviation community. The assignment of an Aviation Community Membership ID is automatic and free of charge if you are a member of a
.aero Partner Association

If you are not yet in the possesion of such ID, you can apply for this ID manually:
here or write us at staff@tuonomegroup.com

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.NAME arrives!
Recently, the registration procedures for .name domain names and e-mail addresses took a start.

Indeed, you can even register your e-mail address! .NAME is a rather special Top Level Domain that enables you to obtain your own personal on line identity in for example the following format: name.surname.name 

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